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Επυλλιον Βητα: Imegesis
§βI: “Serenity’s Sorrow”
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D. J. Scott

The Descent of the Dryad

§α: Antegesis

Chapter X
“Fearfullest Bliss”

Copyright © 2002-2017 by Dustin Jon Scott
[Last Update: December 31st, 2017]


¶I. Renewed in Serenity at last then and for many days after was her contentedness, as she reveled with her sisters about the wyldwoods of the Emerald Forest, and in the sun-swathed glades she unstrained, and joined her sisters several times in tribadic orgy each day. Pacified by the way of Nymphs in those many days was she, and enraptured utterly therein.


¶I. But on the seventh day Serenity natheless returned unto that clearing wherein she and her Darkelf had first met, and there as she had promised she lay in wait for him to come to their sennightly tryst.


¶II. Upon the Darkelf’s arrival he and Serenity caroused through the climbers, hemp-canes, and creepers, laughing and capering with one another as ever the gloam approached by day’s wane. Again the Darkelf shared his stories of the world beyond the Emerald Forest, and again Serenity rewarded the Darkelf with dance and song. Yet whenas the day had ended and her Darkelf had finally left her, Serenity was once more by her loneliness mired.


¶II. Then unto Serenity came more burdensome a thought than all the thoughts that ever had beforetime unto her come: she suffered not an ailment to be cured by runecraft or lyblake, for these desires of hers were such that for them her heart would always and in despair cry out -- yet attain them nevermore. And so Serenity would seek her sister Charity whilst she wandered off alone that eve, and beg of her a remedy that might quell for her, her woe.


¶III. For many days Serenity was once again content as she capered with her sisters about the wyldwoods, foraging amidst the wealds and prancing through the underbrush. Again Serenity unstrained in sun-swathed glades, and again joined her sisters several times each day in their tribadic orgies. Again was she pacified by the way of Nymphs, and enraptured utterly therein.


¶IV. On the seventh day Serenity returned to the clearing where she and the Dark Elf had first met, and waited there for him to come to their quarterly tryst.


¶V. Upon the Dark Elf’s arrival he and Serenity cavorted through the creepers and hemp trees, laughing and playing with each other as aye the day waned toward dusk. Yet again the Dark Elf shared stories of the world beyond the Emerald Forest, and yet again Serenity thanked him with dance and song.

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